Opportunity Equation

In June, 2009, the joint Carnegie Corporation of New York/ Institute for Advanced Study Commission on Mathematics and Science Education launched a national mobilization to achieve much higher levels of math and science learning with the release of its report, The Opportunity Equation: Transforming Mathematics and Science Education for Citizenship and the Global Economy (www.OpportunityEquation.org).

The report calls for concrete actions by a range of organizations from labor and business to federal and state government, colleges and universities and donors, urging them to coalesce to “do school differently” in order to transform math and science education. More than 65 groups have affirmed their support to work together to place math and science at the center of education innovation, improvement, and accountability.

By engaging national and local education decision-makers and influencers, in addition to almost all states agreeing to participate in the development of the type of standards called for in the report, the mobilization of the Opportunity Equation is quickly becoming a reality.

The Opportunity Equation Web site will continue to be a robust hub for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education resources for stakeholder audiences, and particularly for states developing STEM plans to meet the competitive priority in their Race to the Top proposals.

The foundation will continue to support efforts to help meet the report’s detailed set of recommendations which describe what each constituency can do to raise mathematics and science achievement for all American students:

Establish new common standards in mathematics and science that are fewer, clearer, and higher, coupled with aligned high-quality assessments.

Improve teaching and professional learning – supported by better school and system management.

Redesign schools and school systems to deliver excellent, equitable math and science learning more effectively.

Initiate a national movement including public awareness campaigns, increased public understanding about the links between effective math and science learning and the job market and a focus on improving outcomes among historically underperforming groups through new benchmarking to evaluate school improvement efforts at all grade levels for all students.

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