Interview: New Tools: “Thunderclap” Spreads the Word

Using Thunderclap as a launch tool, “BLOW MINDS, TEACH STEM,” created a network of 750 Twitter and Facebook users. They sent out an automated message at the exact same... Learn More

Interview: Amplifying Higher Education in Africa: Damtew Teferra and the International Journal of African Higher Education

As preparations for next year’s African Higher Education Summit continue to get underway, Carnegie Corporation spoke with Damtew Teferra, who founded the International... Learn More

Analysis: The Youth Vote is Important, Especially this November

The youth vote is likely to be pivotal in the upcoming midterm elections, at least according to researchers tracking voting trends at Tufts University. Analysis from The... Learn More


CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Public-Private Partnership on Peacebuilding 

Carnegie Corporation of New York and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs are joining efforts to promote new actors as well as innovative approaches in the field of peacebuilding. Learn More

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Claudia Frittelli: Arts and Culture at the center of Africa’s future

Last weekend I heard the transcendent South African jazz vocalist, Simphiwe Dana perform at the Apollo as part of the UBUNTU Music and Arts of South Africa festival, taking place in New York City...
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Opportunity by Design. New High School Models for Student Success

Challenge Paper

Opportunity by Design. New High School Models for Student Success

A call to realize the full power of the Common Core by redesigning and reshaping schools to support teachers and maximize key resources, rather than implementing partial solutions. Download | Read more