Carnegie Corporation’s Grantmaking Philosophy

Carnegie Corporation of New York is a proactive grantmaker.  Program staff  identify organizations to implement projects designed to help the foundation attain its various programmatic goals.   Our aim is to invest in innovative projects that can have measurable impact and can create meaningful, transformative change. 

Our approach to grantmaking means that nearly all of the organizations we fund are identified and contacted by Carnegie Corporation program officers.  Intensive and collaborative planning between Carnegie Corporation and the institutions it has identified generally precedes the awarding of grants and is an integral step in its grantmaking. 

Please read the information on our website about Carnegie Corporation’s grantmaking programs, goals and strategies, and any limitations.

If you are seeking information about how to obtain grant support for your project, please visit Grantseekers.

If you are a current grantee, please visit Grantees.

If you are seeking information about grants awarded by Carnegie Corporation, please visit Grants Database.