Grants in Action: 100Kin10

100kin10-clinton-photoFormer President Bill Clinton addresses STEM education reformers in New York City.

100Kin10 Strategic Communications and Leadership Workshop

President Bill Clinton gave the keynote address to dozens of 100Kin10 partners and funders who gathered in New York City on April 19 to practice getting their message out.  President Clinton gave the address to commend the group on the progress of their 100Kin10 program, which was a commitment made at CGI America in 2011. Vartan Gregorian, president of Carnegie Corporation of New York, introduced President Clinton, praising him for being in the forefront of public education reform, and for sharing the Corporation’s mission to do permanent good in the world.

“We are here to follow up on the very important commitment that was made at last year’s Clinton Global Initiative meeting for the United States, in Chicago,” President Clinton said. “Before the meeting even ended, this commitment was announced: eleven new organizations had approached Carnegie about training new teachers. Because the commitment was to somehow put together not just the money, but the skills network to train a hundred thousand highly qualified science, technology, engineering and math teachers in the United States.

“If all you do is give us a hundred thousand teachers to assure America’s continued prosperity and growth for the next thirty years, that may be worth a lifetime,” he said, “ but if you do it in a way that causes more people to understand the role of nongovernmental organizations and the essential characteristic of cooperation in building alliances so that everybody’s money goes farther and their good ideas get spread and our not so good ideas get dropped, you may literally change the future of this country and the future of the nongovernmental organization movement and the world.”