Multimedia Projects

Using multimedia storytelling tools, Carnegie Corporation of New York shares the work of its grantees in order to shed light on critical public issues and foster online communications. Recent projects include:

Perspectives on Peace and Security: REBUILDING U.S.–RUSSIA RELATIONS

U.S.-Russia RelationsThe growing rift between the U.S. and Russia is a concern throughout the foreign policy community. Carnegie Corporation of New York, long committed to improving U.S.-Russia relations, has invited top experts to weigh in on a set of probing questions. The aim: to promote understanding and international engagement, towards Rebuilding U.S.-Russia Relations. Read what these experts are saying.

Also check out what our experts said following the cancellation of a planned September 2013 summit between presidents Obama and Putin.

The Big Picture: Assessing the Future of Higher Education

Carnegie Corporation is proud to present The Big Picture, a special online companion to the Carnegie Reporter devoted to articles, speeches and essays by some of America’s top educators addressing the future of higher education. Explore the website, download a PDF, or install our new app, to receive this edition of the Reporter plus future publications.

Perspectives on Peace and Security: U.S.-Syria perspectives

Top experts comment on the ongoing crisis in Syria, as part of Carnegie Corporations’s Perspectives on International Peace and Security series. In a collection on Medium, a socially-enabled blog publishing platform, Perspectives on Peace and Security: U.S.-Syria Perspectives introduces readers to a selection of informed insights and opinions on the Syrian conflict.

Perspectives on Peace and Security: The Manhattan Project

Albert Einstein meets with Leo SzilardCreated in partnership with the Atomic Heritage Foundation, Perspectives on Peace and Security: The Manhattan Project tells the dramatic story of the atomic bomb, from the discovery of natural radiation to the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Manhattan Project was one of the most significant and secretive undertakings of the 20th century, with clandestine operations scattered across the country—quite a few in New York City, where it employed as many as 5,000 workers. More than 70 years later, it remains a mysterious and compelling tale. On our site, you can explore an interactive map that uncovers the bomb’s hidden past, browse an illustrated timeline and brief history, and more.

Great Immigrants: The Pride of America

Monique TruongEvery July 4th, Carnegie Corporation salutes the legacy of immigrant Andrew Carnegie and the millions of immigrants who continue to make our nation vibrant. On our Great Immigrants: The Pride of America website, you can discover an inspiring group of naturalized citizens who have contributed to the strength of American democracy and the vitality of our national life—and tell us about a great immigrant you know.

Picture This! Great Teaching

Great TeachingAmerican education today is full of dramatic changes, with increasing demands on teachers and students. Yet despite these daunting challenges, our country is rich in excellent teachers. Picture This! Great Teaching shines a light on the important, inspiring work they do. Through this photo-sharing website, Carnegie Corporation and dozens of partner organizations celebrate talented teachers everywhere. Think about what great teaching looks like to you; if you know a great teacher or can picture inspired teaching in action, share your photos.