Islam Initiative

Please note: This program area has concluded its grantmaking.

Apart from Mecca, the United States represents the most diverse array of Muslims from all over the world. Prior to 2001, Carnegie Corporation took an interest in Islam and Muslim communities in the United States, with a particular focus on their cultural and socio-economic diversity.

Today, working independently and with other funders, the Corporation strives to improve understanding of Muslim communities and societies through:

Increasing the outreach of academic expertise

The Initiative builds on the Carnegie Scholars Program, which from 2004 to 2009 awarded research, writing and public engagement grants on the theme of Islam and Muslim societies to more than one hundred American scholars. Today, the Corporation supports the strengthening of outreach and communication by leading academic institutions with programs that increase knowledge about Muslim societies and communities. Support also goes toward creating and expanding on-line resources for the public, the media and the policy communities.

Bolstering academic programs

Research and scholarship are essential to understanding of the complexities of Muslim societies and their interactions. Our support goes to projects that explore not just conflicts but little-known convergences across history. Carnegie Corporation aims to strengthen expertise and build the capacity of the next generation. In addition, we work to make available original source materials, including significant writings from the past representing a variety of philosophical and cultural traditions.

Facilitating international partnerships and communication

Recognizing the importance of building relationships and mutual understanding, the Corporation strives to establish institutional linkages between American and overseas academic centers, think tanks and professional associations. In cooperation with other funders, the Corporation also promotes networks of foundations and nonprofit organizations that complement official efforts to improve relations with predominantly Muslim states through the involvement of civil society.

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