Past Programs and Initiatives

Since its founding in 1911, Carnegie Corporation of New York has concluded work in certain areas to focus on new opportunities. Here you will find information about some of the foundation's past commissions, councils and task forces that are no longer active. Each has made significant contributions toward their fields, and many continue to generate important insights and lessons.

Past Commissions, Councils and Task Forces

Higher Education in Eurasia
Islam Initiative
The Future of Journalism Education
Centennial Celebration
Centennial Moments
Carnegie Scholars Program
Carnegie Council on Adolescent Development
Carnegie Council for Advancing Adolescent Literacy
Carnegie Commission on Educational Television
Carnegie Commission on the Future of Public Broadcasting
Carnegie Commission on Higher Education
Carnegie Commission of Inquiry into the Poor White Question in South Africa
Carnegie Commission on Preventing Deadly Conflict
Carnegie Commission on Science, Technology, and Government
Carnegie Council on Adolescent Development
Carnegie Council on Children
Carnegie Task Force on Learning in the Primary Grades
Carnegie Task Force on Meeting the Needs of Young Children
Carnegie Task Force on Teaching as a Profession
Carnegie Task Force on Youth Development and Community Programs
Second Carnegie Inquiry into Poverty and Development in Southern Africa