States in Transition

Related to the Dynamics of Global Power, this program area incorporates elements from earlier work on States at Risk and the Islam Initiative. It addresses states that are striving to consolidate peace after emerging from conflict, particularly in Africa, as well as those that are part of the Arab Awakening, where the transition from authoritarian rule to more democratic governance remains precarious. This program area seeks to increase the quantity, quality and accessibility of locally produced knowledge about these states and regions and to promote reform through international engagement and partnerships. The program’s work also includes Pakistan—a state of particular importance for regional and global security. States in Transition aims to:

  • Bring local context and knowledge to bear on promoting sustainable peace in fragile states in Africa and other regions.
  • Understand and assess the political, economic and security challenges and opportunities posed by the Arab Awakening.
  • Understand and assess developments in Pakistan.

Program News

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