Strengthening the Field

In the absence of federal legislation to address the country’s broken immigration system, state and local governments are creating a patchwork of immigration laws.  Strengthening the capacity of organizations supporting immigrant integration in states and localities across the country is essential for meeting program goals in this area.  Prior investments in infrastructure building are yielding significant benefits, with the potential for long-term gains in immigration reform and immigrant integration.  

Through the Four Freedoms Fund, a donor collaborative housed at Public Interest Projects, the Corporation continues to support anchor organizations based in new destination states, with particular emphasis on helping build their management, advocacy, and communications capacity; strengthen naturalization and other civic engagement activities; build coalitions across constituencies, such as African Americans; and respond to state-level anti-immigrant initiatives.  

Priorities for the coming year include:  

  • Increased number of state-based anchor organizations in new destination states, especially the South and Southeast
  • Increased numbers of allies in those coalitions in support of immigrant integration policies, including African Americans and low-income whites, faith and business leaders, and conservatives and progressives
  • Enhanced communications skills of grantees; increase in pro-immigrant coverage at state level
  • Increased management, advocacy, and communications capacity of state anchor groups
  • Increase funders to the Four Freedoms Fund
  • Development of fundraising expertise by individual state-based groups to ensure sustainability after the Corporation ends its support



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